Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying healthy and fit is a common concern to all of us. Our stressful lifestyle is making it difficult. Consider these tips that will guide you to have a physically fit body.

Tips for Women to Stay Fit and Healthy

1. A balanced diet is the fundamental learning in maintaining a fit and healthy body. Talk to a doctor about what foods you should eat and what are to be avoided. Determine the right weight for your age. If you want to lose some weight, then eat foods with high in fiber and low-fat contents. Avoid foods that contain high calories like red meat, sugars, and fatty foods.

2. Water is essential for our body so drink a glass of water at least eight times a day. This is an effective way of flushing out the impurities from your body. For lactating women, it is also advised to drink lots of water to keep their body hydrated.

3. Nutrients and vitamins are important for our health especially for those having Pre- Menstrual Period or PMS. However, we may not always get all the nutrients we need from foods we eat every day so you have to take vitamins and supplements. Calcium help prevents Osteoporosis while Vitamin E-400 boosts the immune system. Vitamin E-400 also stops hot flashes and night sweats so women who are in the menopausal stage should take this vitamin. Research also found out that Vitamin E helps in avoiding wrinkles and delay aging.

fitness4. Smoking is dangerous so if you are currently smoking, quit immediately. Smoking is also dangerous for pregnant women. It is harmful not only for the mother but most especially for the baby because of the harmful contents of the cigarettes may pass through the bloodstream. Studies show that women smokers have a high probability of getting diseases than men smokers. Also, women smokers are prone to having breast cancer. Too much alcohol intake is also dangerous so limit drinking alcoholic beverages.

5. Integrate exercises in your everyday routine. After work, take a walk. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. When you are at home, give some time to play with your kids. Exercising at home is effective when you want to lose some weight especially if you do not have time to go to the gym. Exercises help in keeping your body healthy and avoid cardiovascular diseases. Some exercises that you can do at home are Yoga and Pilates.

6. Stress is the number one cause of diseases so avoid stress as much as you can. Studies found out that women are more prone to stress than men. Engage in sports or hang out with your friends once in a while or read good books. Go to parlors or do some shopping to pamper yourself. Another secret for a healthier life is having enough sleep.

7. Protect yourself against harmful rays of the sun. Wear hats and use sunscreen to protect your skin. When your skin is exposed to too much sunlight, you are prone to cancer and it can speed up aging and wrinkles.

8. Your dental health is also important to visit the dentist regularly. Brush your teeth every after a meal or at least two times a day to protect against cavities and avoid bad breath.

9. Women with age eighteen and above are recommended to visit the Gynecologist for Physical Examination particularly Pap Smear test at least once a year. Mammograms are for women aging forty and up while breast self- examination is advised for women who just reached puberty and should continue as they mature.