Health and Fitness for Busy People

Life races so fast that keeping fit and staying healthy proves to be quite an uphill especially if you are that kind of person that is always busy. Even as you get busy with whatever it is that you do, it is important to be aware of the fact that taking personal responsibility for your health is key to staying healthy and happy. This article will provide some great science-backed tricks that will lead you to achieve a healthier life with minimum effort.

Well, being busy, you hardly have any time to go to the gym. But, as a matter of fact, there are very simple exercises that you can do in less than ten minutes that will go a long way into burning those extra calories and keeping you fit. For instance, try a seven-minute workout in which you do 12 simple exercises in succession with short breaks of five seconds. The 12 exercises include jumping jacks; easy push-ups, the usual abdominal crunch, onto chair step-ups(which you should do daily), side planks(good for muscles), push-ups and rotation, on- chair triceps dips, planks, in-place running high knees, lunges, and side planks. This will take just seven minutes but trust me; they’ll help keep fit and healthy tested and proven by my always very busy friend who is a Tree Lopping Logan specialist.

Next, let’s talk about food. To stay healthy and fit, you got to downsize to smaller plates, tall glasses, and shallow bowls. Researchers from the University of Cambridge did experiments with portion sizes, tableware and packages and it was found out that by eating off smaller plates, the participants ate up to 29 percent fewer calories than those with normal plates. When always busy, your diet may suffer, and takeaways become a regular occurrence. See to it that you get the right nutrition by getting a good stock of food which provides optimum nutrition. For instance, stock fruits, vegetables like spinach, salmon, pumpkin seeds, etc. Also, you can carry snacks which, by having just a few bites every few hours, will help you overcome cravings for junk food.

Water is essential for your health, helping you get rid of toxins and extra salt. Keep a bottle of water with you and make sure you always fill it up. Get used to taking a glass or two of water when you wake in the morning. The bottom line is, keeping your body hydrated key to removing waste, proper digestion, joint lubrication and helps to fight off headaches.

Sleep. You can’t be too busy to find time for sleep. Being tired raises levels of the hormone cortisol, a stress a hormone. High levels of this hormone are linked to overeating. Set a bedtime and make sure you tuck yourself right on time.

Remember that human beings were not meant to sit for long hours. Don’t sit 8 hours a day with your back hunched and eyes staring straight at the computer. This is not okay for anyone, and it has been severally linked to organ damage, back pains and, slowing of brain functions. Have a break after sitting down for 20 minutes in which you can just walk around the office or make a call outside.

One of my favorite movies is a movie about football. If you’ve ever played football you would know that it is a great sport that helps boost your body’s health and also keeps you fit. Though it is mentally and physically demanding, it is a fun exercise.