3 Health and Fitness Tips for Busy People

In the modern fast-paced life, it is almost impossible to spare enough time for workouts and all our other pursuits that keep us healthy and fit. However, the risks that come as a result of sedentary lifestyle are so grave to overlook and for this reason, there is simply no excuse for not staying fit, however busy your schedule is. The following are three fitness tips that may come in handy for you if you consider yourself a busy person.

Invest in Early Morning Workouts

If you are a busy person, it also means you are an early riser. You could take advantage of this and invest in some early morning workouts. Early mornings are a great time for anything as the mind is often fresh and the body fairly energized. There are various options here; you could go jogging around the neighborhood or simply make use of your self-owned gym equipment and practice in your house or yard. Whatever option you go for, just ensure you make it a routine since it is only by so doing that your body will naturally adjust to these workouts and with time, it will become part of your habit rather than just practice.

Stay Hydrated

However busy you may be, never forget to take a glass of water as frequently as possible. Your busy schedules will most likely get you dehydrated and this may impair your performance; both physically and mentally. Staying hydrated ensures that there is enough fluids in your body and this has far reaching benefits including flushing out toxins that may accumulate in your organs and cause infections as well as helping with digestion through the breaking down of the harmful fats. In the end, you may not have made any attempt to work out but the magic of drinking plenty of water will surely not go unnoticed.

Love to Work Your Feet

Depending on the work you do, you may not have enough time to walk around. Take a case in point – someone who works in a call center. Taking phone calls and attending to incessant issues from clients may leave you with very little time to move around. However, there is a saving grace. Do you work on the 20th story of a building? If yes, take the stairs to and from your office as opposed to the lifts and escalators. You could also simply work your feet inside your office. Try to walk on the spot even as you converse over the phone. And who said all meetings have to be conducted in a boardroom? You could have an equally productive meeting with your staff as you walk around the compound.

However busy you are, you will find the above tips to be very helpful. Try incorporating them in your schedule today and you might just have taken the first legitimate steps towards attaining a healthy and productive life as a busy person.

5 Tips for A Healthy and Fit Life for The Busy Person

Below we’ll give you a few tips on how to beat your busy schedule and create time for yourself for a more fit and healthy life.

Workout in short busts

If you’re too busy, then it would be helpful to consider exercise as a big project, split it into smaller, easier to handle components. Once you integrate these short components become a daily habit, you won’t have to force yourself to exercise as it will become much easier. For example, you can do 10 push-ups after every 30 minutes throughout the day.

High-intensity workouts

Another strategy you can employ is doing high-intensity exercises for a shorter period instead of low or medium intensity exercises for longer. In addition to saving you time, scientists have also found it to be the most effective method of exercising.

Home/office exercise equipment

An exercise bike or treadmill at home can be great in helping you achieve your fitness goals. You can hop on the bike as you watch TV or going through a job report. Depending on your office circumstances, you can also have one in the office where you can hop on every time you feel down.

Take Low carb diets

You have probably heard of the saying that a good body is made in the kitchen, not in the gym. Well, it is 100% right. Professional athletes or even a Gold Coast Tree Lopping specialists despite working out regularly follow a strict diet that helps them stay fit and in shape. Therefore, if you also want to maintain or improve your fitness levels, watch what you eat. It is recommended you supply your body with field greens and proteins as these are not stored in the body, unlike carbs. Combining this strategy together with the exercises described above will go a long way in ensuring you stay healthy and fit even with your busy schedule.

Drink Lots of water

I could write a whole blog post on the importance of water and stay hydrated. From enabling the body to heal itself, helping in the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body to detoxification, water is essentially what keeps us alive. Health experts recommend that you drink 1 gallon of water per day which is equivalent to 8 glasses.

A busy schedule is something we cannot avoid but can only live with. Even though making money is important, we should not do so at the expense of our health and our bodies. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, take the initiative to find time for exercise using the strategies above and also adopt more healthy eating habits.

A Healthy Life for Busy People

In this modern world all the people are busy. Maybe you are the busiest person, may be you love to work or you have to work. Whatever the scenario is, you are too busy with your work. On the other hand you are also conscious about your health and fitness. You don’t have enough time to exercise, but you want to keep fit so that you can live a healthy life.

Some tips are given here for you to have a healthy life.

Early Morning Workout

If you’re a busy person, you’re obviously an early riser. Spend sometimes in the early morning workouts.

Work on Your Feet

May be you do not need to walk for your busy job, but try to use your feet during your job.

Balanced Diet

Make a balance diet list. That will help you stay healthy.


Don’t work at the late night time. Have a sound sleep.


Try to have a 20 minutes nap when you are tired of working. Micro naps have been known to help with brain function and can reset your body and mind to take on tasks with much more ommph!

Sitting Down

Avoid sitting down more than 20 minutes. Sitting down for a long time can cause back pains and organ damages.

Light Exercise

There are some light exercises, you can find on the internet which will cost you very little time.

Snacks & Smoothies

Pack some healthy snacks (dried fruits and nuts are great) and smoothies with you before starting work.

Create a List of Action for Free Time

Free moment is a rare thing in your life, right? But since you’re busy almost every other minute of the day, you have no idea what to do with yourself! Browse facebook. Check E-mail. Write down a list of items you can do in those brief moments.


When you’re too much busy, it can feel like there’s no time to sit down and enjoy a full meal. Instead it seems easier to grab a handful of trail mix. It may feel like you’re eating so much. But try to make some time for a full meal. Coffee is good for you. There are some facts that don’t get disputed; getting a daily dose of Java helps your metabolism and provides a much needed energy boost.


Some days there isn’t time for workout. But that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise at all. Do exercise at your desk. Stretching can really help in order to keep on top of things to avoid too many trips to the physio.

Stay Hydrated

Eight glasses of water a day help keep the doctor away. Drinking plenty of water will keep you full, energized, and extra focused. Keep a water bottle at your desk.

Meditate before Bed

Stressful days can turn into sleepless night. Meditation will help you have a sound sleep.

Set Realistic Goals

Your goals will motivate you, and you will not lose your focus.

Take a Vacation

Vacation helps you to live a healthy, happy, and productive life. May be it will keep you away from technologies but it will certainly refresh your body and mind.


Never forget your routine check-up. If you are suffering from back pain Physiotherapy is helpful for lazy persons and busy persons. You can take some rest during the time of taking physiotherapy treatment 🙂

Stay mobile and healthy!

Health and Fitness for Busy People

Life races so fast that keeping fit and staying healthy proves to be quite an uphill especially if you are that kind of person that is always busy. Even as you get busy with whatever it is that you do, it is important to be aware of the fact that taking personal responsibility for your health is key to staying healthy and happy. This article will provide some great science-backed tricks that will lead you to achieve a healthier life with minimum effort.

Well, being busy, you hardly have any time to go to the gym. But, as a matter of fact, there are very simple exercises that you can do in less than ten minutes that will go a long way into burning those extra calories and keeping you fit. For instance, try a seven-minute workout in which you do 12 simple exercises in succession with short breaks of five seconds. The 12 exercises include jumping jacks; easy push-ups, the usual abdominal crunch, onto chair step-ups(which you should do daily), side planks(good for muscles), push-ups and rotation, on- chair triceps dips, planks, in-place running high knees, lunges, and side planks. This will take just seven minutes but trust me; they’ll help keep fit and healthy tested and proven by my always very busy friend who is a Tree Lopping Logan specialist.

Next, let’s talk about food. To stay healthy and fit, you got to downsize to smaller plates, tall glasses, and shallow bowls. Researchers from the University of Cambridge did experiments with portion sizes, tableware and packages and it was found out that by eating off smaller plates, the participants ate up to 29 percent fewer calories than those with normal plates. When always busy, your diet may suffer, and takeaways become a regular occurrence. See to it that you get the right nutrition by getting a good stock of food which provides optimum nutrition. For instance, stock fruits, vegetables like spinach, salmon, pumpkin seeds, etc. Also, you can carry snacks which, by having just a few bites every few hours, will help you overcome cravings for junk food.

Water is essential for your health, helping you get rid of toxins and extra salt. Keep a bottle of water with you and make sure you always fill it up. Get used to taking a glass or two of water when you wake in the morning. The bottom line is, keeping your body hydrated key to removing waste, proper digestion, joint lubrication and helps to fight off headaches.

Sleep. You can’t be too busy to find time for sleep. Being tired raises levels of the hormone cortisol, a stress a hormone. High levels of this hormone are linked to overeating. Set a bedtime and make sure you tuck yourself right on time.

Remember that human beings were not meant to sit for long hours. Don’t sit 8 hours a day with your back hunched and eyes staring straight at the computer. This is not okay for anyone, and it has been severally linked to organ damage, back pains and, slowing of brain functions. Have a break after sitting down for 20 minutes in which you can just walk around the office or make a call outside.

One of my favorite movies is a movie about football. If you’ve ever played football you would know that it is a great sport that helps boost your body’s health and also keeps you fit. Though it is mentally and physically demanding, it is a fun exercise.

Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying healthy and fit is a common concern to all of us. Our stressful lifestyle is making it difficult. Consider these tips that will guide you to have a physically fit body.

Tips for Women to Stay Fit and Healthy

1. A balanced diet is the fundamental learning in maintaining a fit and healthy body. Talk to a doctor about what foods you should eat and what are to be avoided. Determine the right weight for your age. If you want to lose some weight, then eat foods with high in fiber and low-fat contents. Avoid foods that contain high calories like red meat, sugars, and fatty foods.

2. Water is essential for our body so drink a glass of water at least eight times a day. This is an effective way of flushing out the impurities from your body. For lactating women, it is also advised to drink lots of water to keep their body hydrated.

3. Nutrients and vitamins are important for our health especially for those having Pre- Menstrual Period or PMS. However, we may not always get all the nutrients we need from foods we eat every day so you have to take vitamins and supplements. Calcium help prevents Osteoporosis while Vitamin E-400 boosts the immune system. Vitamin E-400 also stops hot flashes and night sweats so women who are in the menopausal stage should take this vitamin. Research also found out that Vitamin E helps in avoiding wrinkles and delay aging.

fitness4. Smoking is dangerous so if you are currently smoking, quit immediately. Smoking is also dangerous for pregnant women. It is harmful not only for the mother but most especially for the baby because of the harmful contents of the cigarettes may pass through the bloodstream. Studies show that women smokers have a high probability of getting diseases than men smokers. Also, women smokers are prone to having breast cancer. Too much alcohol intake is also dangerous so limit drinking alcoholic beverages.

5. Integrate exercises in your everyday routine. After work, take a walk. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. When you are at home, give some time to play with your kids. Exercising at home is effective when you want to lose some weight especially if you do not have time to go to the gym. Exercises help in keeping your body healthy and avoid cardiovascular diseases. Some exercises that you can do at home are Yoga and Pilates.

6. Stress is the number one cause of diseases so avoid stress as much as you can. Studies found out that women are more prone to stress than men. Engage in sports or hang out with your friends once in a while or read good books. Go to parlors or do some shopping to pamper yourself. Another secret for a healthier life is having enough sleep.

7. Protect yourself against harmful rays of the sun. Wear hats and use sunscreen to protect your skin. When your skin is exposed to too much sunlight, you are prone to cancer and it can speed up aging and wrinkles.

8. Your dental health is also important to visit the dentist regularly. Brush your teeth every after a meal or at least two times a day to protect against cavities and avoid bad breath.

9. Women with age eighteen and above are recommended to visit the Gynecologist for Physical Examination particularly Pap Smear test at least once a year. Mammograms are for women aging forty and up while breast self- examination is advised for women who just reached puberty and should continue as they mature.